Hi, I'm Chris Reinberg

I've founded the most successful magician brand in Estonia, created a one-of-a-kind boutique theater in Tallinn, revived the idea of the cabinets of curiosities as a gift store, started the largest web3 community in Estonia, ran a web3 development studio as well as an Instagram marketing agency, and built a fully automated e-commerce store. Also, I've launched a collection of 70 safe-to-fail experiments that help entrepreneurs test their business ideas and an artistic AI profile picture creator.

Currently, I'm working on the world's first AI-powered journal that provides personalized mentorship and feedback for improving your mindset, cognitive skills, mental health, and fitness.


Some things I believe:

  • Knowledge is the most extraordinary thing in the universe
  • Cultivate clear thinking through writing
  • Develop courage in parallel with clear thinking
  • Beauty, design, and aesthetics matter
  • Try to optimize for doing dope sh*t
  • Taste, style, and character are superpowers
  • Long-term games over short-term games (mostly)
  • Never compromise on integrity and vibe
  • Default to generosity
  • Get used to getting punched in the face (but have a plan)
  • Non-average outcomes require non-average actions
  • Don't follow the herd and status quo
  • Luck, randomness, and uncertainty play a huge role (act accordingly)
  • Explore the unknown as it holds all the answers
  • Society has a deficit of wonder
  • Strive to feel alive, and purpose takes care of itself
  • Enjoy the moment

Let’s connect on X/Twitter or LinkedIn. You can catch me at chris@mindsera.com